Moose Jaw Office

AgroCorp International’s flagship plant in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan has been rapidly expanding to meet our increased demand for the high-quality pulse crops grown in southern Saskatchewan.

The $3.2 million-dollar expansion has greatly increased the Plants receiving capacity with the addition of 8 new bins or 2160 metric tonnes. In addition to the increased storage capacity, new handling equipment has been added greatly reducing the stress on our pulses and enhancing our quality control.

These operational upgrades now mean that product will only be handled one time from receiving to binning and through to shipping.

AgroCorp also installed a new grain probe to ensure that sampling and grading are complete prior to unloading further improving quality control within the plant.

AgroCorp strives to provide the highest quality product to our customers and in keeping with our commitment to customer excellence an additional series of cyclonic cleaners complete with a new leg are being installed to further enhance our product handling and quality. Minimal handling equals less breakage and better quality for our customers .

Cut Knife Office

Situated in the heart of pea country AgroCorps Cut Knife plant has also seen a bevy of construction activity. In July 2016 AgroCorp International started $2.4 million dollars of new construction to upgrade the handling systems across the entire plant facility. Everything from Bins to tracks are getting an overhaul.

A new catwalk with drags was installed on top of 4 large bins, the receiving leg was reduced by 40 feet to minimize overly aggressive handling and, we now have 2 spouts coming off the main leg feeding the drag to all bins. This means gentler handling with minimal breakage. The cleaner has been rebuilt and upgraded to like new status and our product from the Cut Knife plant is better than ever. A full upgrade to an electronic bin allocation system ensures that handling is minimized and loading is exact. We have been running this system for about 2 months now and everything works great.

Looking forward, our rail expansion in the spring of 2017 will increase the volume that can be handled providing more access to a greater variety of crops at the Cut Knife Processing Plant .

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